WordPress Web Design with a Twist

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Custom-Built Websites Unique to Your Church

I believe your website should be unique to you and your congregation. Whether you’re a small church or a large presence, your website should represent you!

While you COULD buy a template and look like everyone else in your space, why would you want to?

Do that and more with a custom-built WordPress website that takes WEEKS, not MONTHS.

Collaborate on a Process That Shows the World the Best You Have to Offer

I don’t believe in designing in a vacuum. It’s YOUR website and YOUR church. It’s my job to make the tech work and bring your vision to life in a way that best represents you online.

With that in mind, we will collaborate on all aspects of design to make sure you are happy with the final product at the end of the project.

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Here's the twist...

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Get a Customized WordPress Website with the Affordability of Monthly Payments

Sign up for the Website Leasing program and have a custom-built WordPress website for your church in as little as 1 month.

Just like a car lease, you get the opportunity to have a professional, customized website, without a large payment up-front. Instead, the fee for designing, building, and hosting your website is spread out over affordable monthly payments. 

In order to qualify for a website lease, you must be willing to commit to 12 months of equal payments.

  • Book a call to discuss your project.

  • Fill out the intake form.

  • Submit your content.

  • I build your website.

  • 1 hour of content updates each month.

  • Hosting and maintenance included ($147 monthly value)

Some examples of content updates include:

  • Changing photos on a page
  • Modifying the text on a page
  • Publishing a blog post you have written

Website Leasing Program

When you subscribe below, you are obligating yourself to 12 monthly payments at the desired level.

I will build the website in the first month (assuming I have all of your content). There are no early cancellations or pro-rating. You and I are in it for the year! Don’t worry, it’s going to be a great year! 

What Happens When My Lease is Up?

Upgrade to a newer model:

Continuing in the car lease analogy, you can get your site upgraded. Or just upgrade a few elements if you like the look of your site. You can choose this option and then continue at the monthly service rate.

Buy out your lease:

If you want to take your website somewhere else at the end of your lease, there will be a $1000 buy-out fee (just like if you wanted to buy the car at the end of your lease). 

I will package everything up for you and send it to you in a format that can be easily imported into a WordPress installation somewhere else.

Walk away:

At the end of a car lease, you can always walk into the dealer, drop off the keys, and go on with your life. This is not the typical option, but it is possible! You are not committed to anything beyond your initial 12-month contract.

Keep in mind, that if you walk away, you will lose your website. (I will keep a backed-up copy for 3 months in case you change your mind.)

Available Packages

Premium Plan


Looking to grow your podcast audience with a blog? Choose this option and get a fully custom-built website with blogging capabilities. 

Plus Plan


Choose this option if you want a custom-built website to showcase your podcast episodes. This does NOT include blogging.

basic plan


A standard website plan includes up to 7 static pages with content and images of your choice. Think of this as a brochure website. 

****Don’t see the option for you?

If you would like to pay in full for the year or inquire about a different design option, contact me at wendy [at] wendycoop [dot] com.