How to Have Hope

Holding on to God in Difficult Times (Video)

I know it's been a tough year.

In fact, tough may be an understatement and you are probably tired of hearing people talk about how “uncertain” these times are.

And while we may not know what the future holds for the economy or the election or a variety of other things, we can hold on to the fact that God does not change.

Be thankful for that!

But I know people still struggle with having hope this year and through other hard times in general so I created this video for you!

I pray that you will be able to find hope in hard times and when everything seems to be going wrong. When we put our hope and trust in God, we will be anchored in our faith and can persevere through tough times.

What do you think? Where has your faith faltered or been boosted this year? Leave a comment below!

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