An Audience of One

Earlier today I sat in on a Zoom training call. The purpose was to brainstorm lead magnets (or freemiums or freebies – whichever you like to call them) for our target audiences. As we shared our target audiences, Katie (name changed to protect the innocent) took her turn to describe her business.

Although Katie had found success in fashion, she originally thought she was going to help her audience do the same. Realizing that wasn’t what she wanted to do, Katie decided to pivot to something more general. The problem is, that general pivot included multiple audiences.

She was speaking to women who wanted to leave fashion, women who wanted to package their expertise, fashion designers who wanted an online component to their business, and so on. The problem with that is if you’re trying to speak to everyone, you’re really speaking to no one.

What Katie had not done was narrow her message down to one target audience – one group of people who could benefit from her expertise. She was trying to help everyone and ended up helping no one.

A lead magnet, just like any other product or service, solves a problem. In the case of a lead magnet, it is designed to give your audience a quick win in exchange for the email. If you don’t know who you’re speaking to, then you don’t know their pain points, and, thus, can’t offer a solution.

What you need is an audience of one.

One person, one group of people, one demographic. Whatever it is, just pick one.

By picking just one target audience, you are better able to tailor your marketing efforts and truly understand their wants and needs. You get to know them better and you can speak their language. You get them and they respond by connecting with your brand, becoming loyal followers, and, in turn, customers.

It all starts with the one.

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